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Heavy Melon Ale from New Belgium is HERE!

ONLY $8.49

ONLY $8.49

Hot summer nights, jam out to the cooling waves of Heavy Melon Ale, our newest seasonal track. Brewed with juicy watermelon and zesty lime peel, this crushable ale rips with a blast of melon notes. Ripened fruit aromas of melon, papaya and citrus climax with an enticing aroma, and set up an invigorating wash of fruity sweetness, grassy bitterness and the slightest touch of tartness. Super crisp and refreshing from start to finish, Heavy Melon Ale shreds through the summer heat.


VISUAL: Deep gold in color, light white foam and lacing.
AROMA: Juicy ripe watermelon, cucumber, papaya and citrus with an underlying herbal note and faint cereal malt notes.
FLAVOR: Light fruity sweetness with an even lighter touch of balancing bitterness.
MOUTHFEEL: Round juicy and mouthwatering start and middle with a spritzy, crisp finish.
BODY: Medium-light body

ABV: 5%
IBU: 14
YEAST: Ale yeast
HOPS: Nugget
MALTS: Pale and Caramel-80
FRUITS/SPICES: Watermelon and lime peel
SPECIAL PROCESSING: The lime peel is best added in the boil to extract all those essential oils. The watermelon is added in fermentation to capture the delicate fruit flavors, and to ferment all those sugars.